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I'm not Megan Mace or Liz Mace and I'm not in contact with them or their management. Please do not send fanmails because I can't forward them to Megan & Liz. If you want to send her a fanmail, please go to meganandliz.com.


Our "Fan of the Week" for the week of Sept 24th is ...

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Megan & Liz singing their song "Country Song".

posted by Maylani • September 26, 2012 •

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Megan & Liz Hanging out at Y100

posted by Maylani • September 26, 2012 •

Here is the video from Megan & Liz's meet & eat with their contest winner:)! Check it out!

Megan & Liz enjoyed hanging out at Y100 and you can tell by the pictures. Check these pictures out:)!

Marie-claude Bernier

3. Does Megan & Liz inspire you? If yes, in what way?

megan and not very inspire me but i Love them so much.

4. If you could talk to them, what would you say or talk about?

if i could talk to them i will probably crying and screaming. i will freaking out :))

5. Do you conside yourself their number one fan?

Oh YESS i'm their number one fan 4 ever macer's <333

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1. When did you first hear about Megan & Liz?

The first time i hear megan and liz it's 6 month.

2. Which video & song is your favorite?

My favorite song is Are you happy now, bad for me, princess charming.

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